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REFRAIN’s brand image: a perfect match for Billyclub!

June 01, 2022

As you might have noticed, our new platform is officially online at the following address. Needless to say, we are very proud of it! For this website to finally see the light of day, the REFRAIN team had to team up with a creative studio to design a brand image that speaks to you. To help you learn more about the process that led to the creation of our brand image, here’s an informative interview with Véronique Lafortune, founder and creative director of Billyclub, the creative studio that was chosen for this endeavour.

First of all, if you visit the Billyclub website (, you will quickly realize that the company works with clients from both the food and cultural sectors. More specifically, Billyclub assists microbreweries, local businesses, cultural event organizers and even record companies in developing their brand image. “We have clients in all fields, but we specialize in culture,” says Véronique.

The company’s guiding principle is to work with “very caring people. Human relations are what get us going,” Véronique points out. As you can see, the association between REFRAIN and the Billyclub was quite natural.

“I was glad to see that there were a lot of women on the REFRAIN team. Since our team at Billyclub is mostly girls, we got along very well. Sometimes there are good matches, but this one was perfect,” she says with a laugh.

To achieve a coherent and meaningful brand image for a target audience, “you have to dig into what forms the identity of the project you are working on,” explains Véronique. “The foundations of the project, the values that drive it, the way it presents itself to the target audience, everything must be meticulously specified and identified.”

“Before starting the visual creation, we must first find the right keywords to identify and frame the project. You also have to make sure that these same keywords resonate with everyone involved in the project. By starting the process in this way, we ensure that our creative team is well aware of what needs to be put forward visually. The key phrases that have been used to stimulate our team’s creativity are ‘it’s inspiring,’ ‘it’s local,’ ‘it’s inclusive,’ ‘it’s joyful,’ ‘it’s bold,’ ‘it’s unifying,’ ‘it’s authentic,’ ‘it’s colourful,’ etc.,” adds Véronique enthusiastically.

As you can see by visiting our website, the professional and friendly collaboration between the REFRAIN and Billyclub teams has blossomed beautifully.

We hope that this wonderful collaborative story will have you feeling more eager than ever to attend some festivals!

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