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June 14 until June 21, 2024

Kwe! À la rencontre des peuples autochtones

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You're in Quebec City and you're thrilled: today, Aboriginal peoples are being properly celebrated. You go from a traditional Inuit tupiq to a Wendat longhouse, then you stumble upon an Atikamekw singer whose beautiful voice truly gives you the chills. You leave with a joyful heart and unique handicrafts. That's KWE!


All You Need To Know

About the Kwe! À la rencontre des peuples autochtones

KWE! is an event that aims to showcase the artists and artisans of the 11 Aboriginal Nations in Quebec through artistic performances, demonstrations of know-how, dialogues, musical performances, and workshops on traditional and contemporary knowledge. The place of First Nations issues in the news deserved to be translated into a real and necessary connection between the Quebec public and First Nations peoples, and KWE!, now, occupies this place in the heart of Quebec City. Since 2017, it is with modest funding that the organization has succeeded in delivering original and contemporary content, respecting the values of Québec’s native people. Since 2021, the event takes place in June, in a magnificent wooded area of Place Jean-Béliveau and the future editions will include festivities celebrating National Aboriginal Peoples' Day on June 21 in Quebec City.

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