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Mont-Tremblant (2024)
September 12 until September 15, 2024

Festival Tournant

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On a beautiful summer day in the Laurentians, you put on your dancing shoes with a smile. Today, you're heading out to see contemporary, ballet and jazz performances, but you'll also get to swing dance outside with lots of other aficionados. Your favourite. That's Festival Tournant.


All You Need To Know

About the Festival Tournant

Supported by the Danse Laurentides organization, the Festival Tournant presents each summer a daring program with professional artists from the Québec contemporary dance scene. Since 2017, the festival invites the public to see and experience dance through a variety of activities and performances aimed at professionals, amateurs, and neophytes. The nomadic event highlights the Laurentian heritage, prioritizing local artists and presenting several outdoor activities in the most beautiful landscapes of the city visited. The festival stands out for the quality of its programming and its roots in the community and targets for accessibility and a sense of belonging. The 2022 edition will be held in Ste-Agathe.

Unique features