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September 12 until September 14, 2024

Festival Envol et Macadam

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The moment you hear the first guitar strums, a smile appears on your face. The bass hits you, the drums kick off and suddenly you forget about everything else. You're all there, facing your favourite rock band in the middle of Quebec City, and the best part is that you still have three days of this ahead of you. That’s Envol et Macadam Festival.


All You Need To Know

About the Festival Envol et Macadam

Presented in September, Envol et Macadam festival has been an international musical event for several years. Exclusively dedicated to alternative music, it offers a wide creative space to both emerging and more established artists. The first Quebec festival to focus on new musical trends, Envol et Macadam is a proud member of Quebec City's major events circuit since 1996.

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